Tarot Birth Cards Offer a Glimpse Into Your Life’s Purpose and Journey

What is a Tarot Birth Card?

Did you know that tarot and numerology go hand-in-hand? Tarot birth cards can offer a glimpse into your life’s purpose and journey. 

Based on the date of your birth, these cards are comparable in certain ways to the more familiar zodiac symbols. Tarot birth cards describe constants and qualities in yourself—not moods or passing events. 

These are things that play an important role in the paths you take and the challenges you will encounter throughout your life. Discovering your tarot birth cards requires just a few simple calculations (tarot numerology) using a tarot card combination calculator. Then you will receive a pair of cards (or trio, in some cases) that will provide you with valuable insight into your life.  

How Do I Find My Tarot Birth Cards?

The Tarot School has a handy calculator that does all the math for you!

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